there iS a mIracLe in LIfE i muST aChivE!!


i luv myself n ma family so much2==

i’m mix javanese + arabian + belanda so equal to ‘rojak’…haha==

like in my pic i still single n luv to be frenz only==

graduated in dipl0mme 0f civil engineering with techn0logy==

still furthering my study in bachel0r of civil engineering with honours==

i’m kinda ph0tography maniac..n i own a cool DSLR. It’s a Canon EOS 500D==

although im not in this line, cause im an engineer wanna be,, but still i LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY==

i l0ve photo!! lets do ph0to==

influenced by:
-Avril Lavigne
-Bruno Mars
-Daniel Radcliffe
-Emma Watson
-John Shaw
-Joe McNally
-Kusha Alagband
-Selena Gomez
-Taylor Lautner
-Miranda Cosgrove
-Emma Robert
-James Marrison
-Tyra Banks
-Kimora Lee Simons
-Jesse MCcartney
-Christopher Nolan

What i know about photo? For me a photo can tell tonnes of stories.. A photo shows the expressi0n of the photographer. This is because a beautiful photo came from the pe0ple behind the camera, the photographer. An intelligent photographer didnt measure from what camera that he/she h0lding on. The intelligent photographer is from the skills and techniques that he/she used. A great photographer comes with great photo, not the great camera.

Guys, you didnt kn0w that photography can give you enjoyment and happiness. You will be more cl0se to nature and start value them all.. Sometimes looking the surroundings give us strength and spirit to move on. Sometimes it will give us more peace. But, most important is you didnt get BORED yaw!!

Lets Do Photo!! XD