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The Colourful Hotel

First World Hotel, Malaysia


The Beauty



An Old Man


Every photo has a story. Sometimes a photo can explain a thousand words.



Every photo has a st0ry. So tell me yours!


ImageImageImageImageBeautiful arcitectural design. The beauty of islamic architectural around the world. When you travel to a country don’t forget to snap some ph0to of the building.

Then you will have a piece of memory from that photo.

One photo full of memories!

Photo taken: Masjidilharam, Makkah

p/s: lets do photo ❤

Keindahan Masjid Nabawi, Madinah

Payung-payung tersebut boleh dibuka dan ditutup

Dibiarkan terbuka pada waktu siang dan akan menguncup pada waktu malam

Canggih!! XD